TowneBank Mortgage Makeover

The Jpixx crew had a great day capturing lifestyle images for TowneBank Mortgage , but not without some hilarious madness. With crazy parking situations, clogged sinks, and reflector-folding issues — the day was also full of beautiful locations, entertaining talent, wonderful weather and some really fun shots.

The asset library of photos and reflect TowneBank Mortgage’s solutions with the family in mind. So, we had couples, families and groups of swanky adults enjoying not only the scenery, but the homes, which are currently on the market.

Check out some of the BTS pics below!Photo May 16, 9 41 18 AM

Here’s Jon taking photos of the living room.

This home is on the market for $1.6 million. In the words of inspector Gadget WOWZERS!!

This seven bedroom home with an ocean view makes for a great production day. Check out the gang prepping for the next shot.

Photo May 18, 10 56 26 AM

Josiah and Shay snapped a quick selfie in the backyard at the beach.

Photo May 16, 12 06 49 PM

Josiah got fed up with trying to fold the reflector while Jessa and Shay snap chatted the hilarity!

Jon got on the roof to get a better angle. The life of a photographer can be tough.

Here’s the crew trying to help Jessa NOT hit Josiah’s car lol

Jpixx’s very own, Jessa and her daughter Kenzie were featured in the shoot as well.

Be on the lookout for upcoming TowneBank Mortgage marketing collateral – you might see some familiar faces 🙂


And just for laughs 🙂

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