There’s Nothing in the Water Thanks to HRSD!

Nothing encompasses our capabilities quite like the work that we have amassed for HRSD. From videography, motion graphics/design, and photography to virtual tours, event coverage, live streams, and even outdoor signage, we use a variety of different talents on our team to produce nothing but the best work for our long-term client.



“Being HRSD’s Agency of Record, we are able to support them with just about anything that they need to effectively reach their target audience and deliver results. We provide them with traditional print and outdoor signage layouts, online materials, collateral designs, videos, event coverage, and even live streaming. It’s always amazing to see how a cohesive campaign comes together, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without HRSD’s trust in us to provide these services to them.” -Glenn 


Among all of the projects that we do, video is our specialty. 


Click here to check out “What is Asset Management?”, Celebrating United Infrastructure Week.


There are a couple of different things happening in this video celebrating Infrastructure Week, the major visual being motion graphics by Jim McCullough. “The creative thought process behind this was to take these seemingly complex situations and make them visually simple and easy to understand. The script called for several location changes so the challenge was getting enough information in one frame while keeping it simple,” Jim says. “I enjoy the process of finding solutions to new challenges. Education is a passion of mine, so having the opportunity to work on a project like this gave me insight into a world that was hidden to me: wastewater management. Even more rewarding, though, was working with the folks at HRSD that are actively creating solutions for a positive environmental impact such as their Sustainable Water Initiative for Tomorrow (SWIFT).”


Taking advantage of more of our in-house talent, our very own Executive Producer Heidi Chappell provided a voice over for this video with her experienced radio voice. Using talent that is familiar with the client allows us to really get close to a language and inflection that fits directly into the client’s branding. “It’s fun to be able to add my voice over to the finished product, especially when the script and video are so engaging.  I loved sharing this with my sister, who is an engineer; she appreciated the thoughtful knowledge covered in the video in an easy-to-watch way and loved hearing me as if I were the expert in the topic.” -Heidi 


Not too long after this project, we completed a series of videos that will be used as visuals for upcoming employees of HRSD. The P3 Training Video series became a complex video series that, with time, will help hundreds of employees maintain a safe practice in wastewater management.



“Tackling the P3 Training Videos was probably the biggest job I had from start to finish. Working with HRSD was super easy and having them trust our process helped save time on shoot days to only capture the things we needed. I knew every plant and procedure front to back by the end of production. It most certainly is not the most glamorous line of work when working with wastewater, but we put our own touches on it to exceed their expectations, which left them more than satisfied by the final delivery of the videos and helped keep our relationship with them strong.” -Tyler



In sensitive times that have shifted the way the entire world functions, HRSD adapted and developed ways to keep their employees safe while also sustaining the water. In the midst of not only a pandemic but a civil movement, HRSD’s General Manager Ted Henifin speaks out on the ways that HRSD is coming together to create a better community and acceptable workplace.

This video fully encompasses HRSD’s COVID-19 Initiative. Take a look at the video through this link here!


With the volume of videos that we’ve created for HRSD, we needed a good closing logo animation that fit their branding guidelines and ran smoothly, really tying each video together with a neat bow. The idea behind animation for a company that deals with cleaning water had to be just that. Refreshing. So after working with Xavier, producing a logo animation that fit the bill, it had to sound the way it looked visually.



“I wanted to do the sound design in a way that made it feel as energizing and relaxing as it looked.” -Savannah


Photography is part of our roots as a crew. Our professional headshot service includes bringing the studio to the client. As we bring the shoot day to your office, we create an environment that takes the stress out of picture day.


Headshots with HRSD are always fun because we get to interact with a dynamic mix of people. Most of the folks at HRSD are the salt-of-the-earth type, and they’re not used to having a corporate headshot taken. Therefore, we always set up in their spacious conference room where there’s plenty of room to spread out, play some music, and help them have a good time.” -Lizzie 



Through the pandemic, one of our more recently demanded services, virtual tours, has also made its way onto HRSD’s dock as we completed the Atlantic Treatment Plant Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis tour. We got the opportunity to walk through the functions of the Cambi system while also beating a summer downpour!




This video allowed us to create a polished tour of how the system works through the words of HRSD’s very own! 


Click here to watch the Atlantic Treatment Plant Cambi Tour!


“The Cambi Tour was an interesting challenge to edit. By the end of shooting and editing, I felt like I was an honorary wastewater engineer. HRSD did a great job of helping the process along by doing “hand offs” between speakers so that I could easily match up clips in edit. That way, I didn’t have to remember the difference between a scalping hex and a flash tank.” -Lizzie 


To read more about the virtual tour services we have done, please check out our blog, “Walk the Walk with Virtual Tours”!

Event coverage is a difficult niche during the age of social distancing. While we stay masked up on every shoot, we still need to be cautious that we are abiding by the CDC guidelines. In the past, we have covered multiple events for HRSD including the 2019 Apprentice Graduation Program hosted at the Hampton Roads Convention Center!

However, this year we changed the way we can deliver event coverage, by going deeper into our live streaming services, we were able to produce the WIFIA Event that announced the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency would sign a $225 Million Loan to HRSD to upgrade sewer lines and equipment at wastewater treatment plants, allowing for more water treatment to be used rather than discarded. You can watch the full livestream here!

From video to stills to graphics, Jpixx does it all! This year is the 80th anniversary of HRSD serving the community and providing clean drinking water across the region. We were tasked with creating a simple logo that not only stuck to their branding, but also told a visual piece of their history, what they do, and who they are. “There was a creative thought process behind every step. To watch the design go from a drawing on a single Post-it note to a polished digital format was honestly magical.” -Savannah

Every year, we get the honor of designing their Annual Collateral Pieces, an extensive project. This was the first year that collaboration among our designers became virtual rather than in-person, making it quite a different experience. However, we made it work just fine. Xavier, Glenn, and Savannah brought the 2021 Annual Collateral Pieces to life. This includes covers and dividers intended for print, as they hold the statistics and financial projections for the following year in internal use. Here is a mockup of the 2020 Annual Collateral Pieces!

Finally, HRSD started a “beautification” process and improvement at their Atlantic Treatment Plant in Virginia Beach. Planting 235 native trees with the long term intention to reduce stormwater runoff and act as a natural filter to protect the waterways. When they started this initiative, they wanted to properly label some of the things that were going on at ATP. With the new task of creating four large scale signs that they would place around their trees, we came up with this pretty gnarly illustration!

We are so grateful to have a client that trusts us with all of these projects in our court to challenge us and see it through to completion. 

“The satisfying thing about partnering with HRSD is their ability to maximize our capabilities spanning all video, photo, and design realms. Jpixx is able to apply consistent vision and branding throughout every deliverable, while customizing it directly for the audience.” -Jon

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