“Passion Fruit” wins the HR 48Hr Film Project

This is the winning submission to the 2010 48-Hour Film Project – Hampton Roads. The time period happened to start while we were concluding our vaca in the Far East, so I was able to grab a few shots as we passed through a Taiwanese market to the airport. Then, some guerilla shots at the Tokyo, Detroit and Norfolk airports – as well as a few shots on the planes.
Unfortunately, Teviya came down with stomach flu a few days before, so I was forced to act in my own film (boooooo).

Here are a few more interesting facts about the film:
* The Chinese man at the market is Jon’s uncle, who contrary to popular belief does not work at a fruit market.

* The fruit Jon ate is actually a native Taiwanese fruit. It tastes like a cross between an apple and a pear (not very sweet). It was probably the riskiest thing he ate, since it was in a market near to raw fish and meat. Fortunately, the stand owner washed the top fruit on the pile.

*Jon and Teviya traveled a total of 25 hours — some of the shooting and all script writing occured during this time. They did manage to sneak a few shots in the airplane (Including the end credits sequence is a video of the ocean as they passed over the Pacific). They didn’t get back to Virginia until Saturday night, so Jon pulled an all-nighter filming the last few scenes at 3am, then rerecording sound and editing until the deadline.

*Teviya was so ill with stomach flu after the trip back, she received two IVs from the doctor and was told not to go to work for a full week.

* The film’s opening score, “To the Sea” was originally recorded by Jon and Teviya.

* This is the fourth year the couple has entered the competition, and is the smallest cast/crew they’ve worked with. You can see past entries on this youtube page.

*During the 48 Hour period – Jon met with prospective wedding photo clients for a consultation – AND BOOKED them!

The challenge of the 48-Hour Film Project is simple: Filmmakers write, shoot, edit and export a film in 48 hours. In addition, each team has to incorporate a few required elements along and pick a random genre out of a hat at the beginning of the 48 hour period
Other 48 Hour Awards Include:
Best Graphics
Best Cinematography
Best Editing

Genre: Horror
Prop: Cheese
Character: Tim Thackery – Mechanic
Line: “I’ve Looked and I Can’t Find It”

Hope you enjoy!

**update – you can view an updated version on vimeo (submitted for Filmapalooza 2011 at the Miami International Film Festival)

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