2015 Sea Level Festival

8th Annual Sea Level Singer/Songwriter Festival

The 8th Annual Sea Level Singer/Songwriter Festival was another success! This homegrown Norfolk, Virginia music festival was hosted in support of Tidewater Arts Outreach. A huge part of the festival was the Emerging Artists Contest:

A full description of the events can be found here, including the launch party for Skye Zentz’ music video, “The Tide” – an ode to Norfolk and all the wonderful places that make this city home. Thanks to everyone who came out to the party; we felt the love. Check out Skye’s year-long experience in making the film here.

Oconnor brewing party

If you’ve never been to the festival, here’s a little bit about what kind of things you can expect next year!

This year, you could also enter a raffle to win a 2015 PRS Hollowbody II Artist Package Guitar – an electric and acoustic guitar, generously provided by the Paul Reed Smith Co.

As we mentioned, the Emerging Artist Contest was a big part of our Saturday night! Last year’s winner was Logan Layman, who received a music video courtesy of Jpixx.

All of last year’s acts were highlighted in this showcase of the top 10 finalists that performed in 2014:

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And of course, continue to support Tidewater Arts Outreach.