Live Music from “Friday Night Jams at the Abrahams”

 “Jack Hickey” performed by Jon Abrahams – (FNJIII) A syncopated tune about Katie’s Dad.
 “Not the Same” – by Michele Jerome – (FNJIII) What’s a JAMS without some Ben Folds?
“Thong Song” by Alton Chavis – (FNJVI) Alton performs a classic with a FNLJams twist.
 “Frank Sinatra” – by Paul Costen - (FNJVI) Paul brings out the air trumpet on this Cake classic.
 “Friend You” – by Delvin Peeks – (FNJVII) An amazing improv about the evils of Facebook.
 “Fashion Photographer” – by Jessa Gaul – (FNJVII) Jessa tells us why her job is the best.