Meet the Crew: Tyler Trant

Over the years, we have been graced by the presences of many different skill sets, personalities, and creative energies on our team. It’s always an exciting moment to bring someone new onto the crew, and sometimes they can be a familiar face. He’s been with Jpixx for over two years now and was recently brought on as our new full-time employee! Odds are you have met Tyler at one of our sets, but now feels like a better time than ever to meet the man behind the camera, so we decided to compile some questions to and pick at his creative mind!


1. As someone who has been involved in creative arts for years, where did it all start for you?

“I kind of showed an interest in high school but didn’t really take it seriously. It wasn’t until college I decided I wanted to major in graphic design. I went to the University of Central Florida, to enjoy living in warm weather year round, keep competing wakeboarding, and finish school. Wakeboarding brought me closer to photography and video. I lived with other pro riders so it was always fun honing in skills on professional riders and getting magazine exposure. I got to travel shooting wakeboarding and that fueled my biggest passion of shooting the action sports that I love to do. From that it just evolved into working with different companies and shooting weddings, until finding a home at Jpixx when I moved back to Virginia Beach.”


2. If you could choose one part of the video production process to do for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“Obviously shooting! It never feels like work, it’s not being in front of a computer all day having your boss remind you about the cover sheet on those TPS reports because that’d be greeeeaaaat (Office Space anyone?)


3. Besides getting behind the camera, what are some other hobbies and interests you like to explore? 

“I like to be outside and active as much as I can. There’s not really any video games for me, my girlfriend halfway jokes that I need “outside playtime” when I’m done with work for the day (or sneaking out for a quick lunchtime surf session since I live right at the beach, just don’t tell Jon!). I’m usually in the water, whether it’s at the lake or in the ocean. I surf as much as I can and as much as the east coast produces waves, but if I’m not surfing in the ocean I’m usually at my lake house wakesurfing behind the boat. I still try to hit up the skatepark in the cooler months and then snowboard in the winter. I’ve also gotten into road cycling and I do enjoy crossfit. Basically anything that’s outside and I’m being active.”


4. Over the last two years, how has your experience been with Jpixx?

“I’ve been stoked to be a part of the team, it has been my favorite job to date. I would have to say that Jon is one of the most understanding people I’ve worked with. While I was freelancing and really finding the right fit, he was always there to throw work my way if I was in town. He is there to always help us in whatever way he can and really supports all of our own individual projects and passions.”


5. What is your favorite Jpixx moment/memory while working on set?

“I don’t have one single time, we usually have a pretty good time on set. It’s probably just any project that is engaging for us as a crew. Something that challenges us to be better filmmakers and think differently than what’s already been done.”


6. Jpixx or personally, what is your favorite project that you’ve worked on?

“With Jpixx, I would probably say it was the first time I got involved with RocSolid and telling the story of a family and their fight against pediatric cancer. It really resonated with me and having a personal connection to them meant that much more. Personally, I would say it was my trip to Australia to shoot a lifestyle piece for over a month. It was a documentary style piece of my best friend from the states who wakeboards professionally and he moved full time to Australia, it gave a little insight into what life is like for him over there. It was a month of filming, surfing some of the best known waves in the world, wakeboarding, and exploring. I also happened to meet my girlfriend there, which was the cherry on top! Australia will always be a special place.”


7. Is there anything on your creative bucket list that you’re aiming to accomplish?

“I want to be able to push my creative abilities and the company’s. I would love to work with the brands and the sports that I’m passionate about on a bigger scale than I have in the past. It would be sick to have full creative freedom and have it feel like a passion project but we all create something amazing!”


8. If there was a microphone fixed to a podium, and you were told that it would broadcast to the world, what would you say?

“There’s a lot I could say given the current world we live in, but I would say, first and foremost be nice to each other. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and not everyone is going to see it the way you see it, but calling them names and getting all ‘aggro’ at people for being different is not the way to do it, there’s too much hatred in the world so make the change starting with you. Go outside as much as you can, turn off the news, get off the internet, get off Facebook and Instagram and get out there! The world is a lot different than what the TV and internet tells you it is, more often than not people are actually nice and respectful if you treat them the same. Finally, I would say take care of our ocean and use less plastic. The ocean provides me and a lot of people an avenue to get away from how heavy the world is for a little while. The amount of trash and plastic that ends up in the ocean is pretty gnarly. So in the end I would say, respect each other, respect the ocean and stay psyched!”


9. Any closing thoughts you would like to share?

“I’m stoked for the future! I’m stoked to just keep growing in my field and to keep learning and never get complacent with where I’m at. All in all, I’m keen to have a bit of a yarn with youse blokes. I reckon we could chuck the esky in the ‘ute, head down to the bottlo’ to grab a couple stubbys and just have a ripper of an arvo on the beach! Always keen for kick on’s and a bit of laugh! Cheers mates, ya bloody legends!”


From shredding the waves of the down under to becoming a creative force to be reckoned with, we’re stoked to have Tyler come onboard, full-time, with the Jpixx crew! His laid-back ways and good vibes are always welcome and a great equalizer when things get hectic on set! When he isn’t out on the water or eating sushi on the beach, you may find him behind a camera on a Jpixx set near you! If you do, hang loose and give our favorite hydrophile a warm welcome!

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