Lizzie’s Monday Survival Guide

“Happy Monday everyone!” I wonder if that phrase has actually ever made anyone feel better about their Monday? I (Trey) can say that it hasn’t made me feel any better about the start of a long week and the official ending of the weekend. Making it through the work week can be a tremendous feat, but starting it off on a good note is really the tough part. To help you with that, take a look at our Lizzie’s Monday Survival Guide Series!

Lizzie’s Monday Survival Guide was an idea from the mind of Lizzie Bankowski herself during my first week at Jpixx. After a few months passed by, we sat down together to talk about any creative ideas we can do for our social media. We were looking for something fresh and interesting that shows off our humor and some of our personality. I wrote down a few different scripts for sketches, and with some helping hands, we were ready to shoot! I thought it would be humorous to over-exaggerate Lizzie and her passion to keep the gear room in order. I also found it funny to add small moments of suspense and eerie sound cues. I feel like it not only exaggerated Lizzie’s personality, but it also created a persona of fear which played off well.

After watching the first tip of Lizzie’s Monday Survival Guide, I started to feel a little worried about portraying Lizzie with such a frightening and angry presence. If you know Lizzie, she is the sweetest person you will ever meet! And no, she did not force me to write that…. For tip #2 I thought it would be better for Lizzie to be more relatable this go around. When I came back from my week-long vacation, I had a feeling of dread. I wasn’t dreading coming back to work, but having to deal with real life problems again. I thought that this feeling is something that everyone can relate to.

Our intern Cade helped me put together the script for our second installment of Lizzie’s Monday Survival Guide. Lizzie acted out the feeling of leaving vacation perfectly and Tip #2 was the most fun to shoot so far. I mean, we got to spend most of our Friday on the beach!

Lizzie’s Monday Survival Guide really helped me branch out creatively. I love how it started as a joke and became something that we put effort and time into. Only at Jpixx could something like this come to fruition. I’m thankful for our passion to Capture Life Creatively. Any idea is worth giving a try! Stay tuned for more tips from Lizzie and her trusty Survival Guide!

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