Jpixx joins SXSW video team!

We had an AMAZING opportunity to join the SXSW video crew this year at the annual South by Southwest Festival in Austin, TX. Jon and Jim flew in to shoot B-roll for the fest, help w highlight video edits, and take part in all the film, music and interactive awesomeness. Check out some of the sights below!

We arrived a few days early during the EDUfest, so the registration line wasn’t toooooo bad.

First order of business – GET SOME FOOD! We had access to some killer food trucks – and dem tacos called my name just about every day. I fueled up with energy drinks, while Jim fueled up with naps.


I was all about the film screenings, and managed to get into the Terrence Malick premiere of “Song to Song” (starring Ryan Gosling and Michael Fassbender). I also made sure to pop into the Shorts Program, Music Video screenings and Animated Shorts – all of which were over-the-top creative and masterpieces in and of themselves. I asked Wyatt Cenac a question after his premiere and got this producer-autographed poster of the new Pixar short “Lou”.












But let’s not forget we were there to WORK! Lugging around the camera gear while scampering around Austin was brutal – especially during those days of rain. Wrist was hurting after 10 days of hand-holding that C300ii.


And then there was the MUSIC! Incredibel performances by Aloe Blac, Jain, Lizzo, Jimmy Eat World and the Chainsmokers. Killer venues AND shows!!

Oh, and the keynote speakers (Cory Booker, Casey Neistat), the Sessions (Seth Rogen) the expo, the activated sponsors, and the 360 VR area…..arghghghgh! Too much to take in!

And finally, the parties and friends we saw and made. Artists, musicians, filmmakers, journalists….. an absolutely perfect collection of crazy cool people.

Here’s a toast to a wonderful year – and you can bet your boots we’ll be back!! Thank you SXSW! To see samples of our video highlights coverage, check out the official SXSW youtube channel.

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