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Flipping it 90° – We Went Vertical!

Hey all! Savannah here with the latest and greatest Jpixx insight! We’ve flipped videos by 90°! As we shift through time, we see a rapid change in the way media is presented. Photos expected to be squares, there’s a livestream for any event, captions on everything, and, oh… videos are vertical now? To fit theRead More

Walk the Walk with Virtual Tours

Remember when everyone thought the phrase “new normal” wouldn’t stick? That this COVID thing would only last a few weeks or months? Those were the days. Smash cut to the end of 2020, and it seems as though the world has mostly adjusted to a new way of life. We do, in fact, have aRead More

Meet the Crew: Tyler Trant

Over the years, we have been graced by the presences of many different skill sets, personalities, and creative energies on our team. It’s always an exciting moment to bring someone new onto the crew, and sometimes they can be a familiar face. He’s been with Jpixx for over two years now and was recently broughtRead More

Live Streaming in the Virtual Age

Whether we notice it or not, the ability to transmit a live video feed to a remote location has been with us for over half a century! Stepping further back into history, live radio broadcasts predate those numbers even more significantly. We’re now in the year 2020 with decades of improvement built into this medium,Read More

Tavss Fletcher – 5 Years Later

After five years, we had the honor of working with our lovely clients and friends over at Creative Annex and Tavss Fletcher Law Offices again! Back in 2015, we shot and put together the commercial spots for the same lawyers which you can read all about in this older blog post! This year in 2020,Read More

Meet the Crew: Rodrigo

Birthday – July 3rd 1978 Sign – Cancer Role – My title is Filmmaker/Editor/Motion Graphic Designer, but my role is assigned per project. How did you get to JPixx? I applied via LinkedIn. What aspect of production are you the most fond of and why? I love all of it, but pre-production is what I digRead More

Meet the Crew: Lizzie

Lizzie Bankowski Birthday: September 14th Sign: Virgo Role: Production Assistant Meet Lizzie! She started as our fall video production/marketing intern and has quickly become a key crew member as our new full-time production assistant. She does some shooting and editing too when she’s not eating Mexican food or organizing the gear room. See what she’sRead More

Meet the Crew: Jonathan

Jonathan Birthday: March 10th Sign: Pisces Role: Shooter/Editor Meet Jonathan, A.K.A. JSlay! This guy is our resident rap genius and Parks and Recreation enthusiast. He’s quick on his feet, whether on set or in the middle of a heated game of ping pong with Glenn. Get to know our favorite Chick-fil-A fanatic below!!! How didRead More

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