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Our Favorite Gear: Trey Batchelor

My Favorite piece of gear is the 16-35mm lens. I really like to push my creativity with this lens. Within the past month I have been having a lot of fun finding new angles and tricks to add a bit more flair to my wide shots. My favorite combo is getting this lens on theRead More

Our Favorite Gear: Lizzie Bankowski

  My favorite piece of gear is the MOVI! I love the grand, sweeping shots that it allows us to create. I also love the process of setting up the MOVI and getting it balanced and rigged out depending on what we’re looking to accomplish on any given shoot day. Call me crazy, but IRead More

Our Favorite Gear: Savannah Heller

My favorite piece of gear is the MixPre-6! It is an audio mixer that allows for many different kinds of inputs, allowing it to send out audio to a camera or computer, and/or record the audio on its own, with the ability to be connected to up to 6 other devices at one time.  Read More

Our Favorite Gear: Jon Abrahams

I really love the Teradek monitoring systems. The Teradek Serv Pro has not only allowed us to provide the client with a live shot of any of our cameras, it has also given us the opportunity to have our directors monitor the full scope of coverage in real time – which is helping us stepRead More

Celebrating Black Owned Businesses: Pure Lagos

Pure Lagos is an African Art gallery, boutique, and space for spiritual healing. Owner Sia Alexander provides a selection of original art, fashion, and artifacts from countries across Africa. What began your interest for health of the human mind and body and how did that bring you to the point to start Pure Lagos?  IRead More

Meet The Intern: Trey Batchelor

Hey everyone, I’m Trey Batchelor. I’m the newest intern here at Jpixx. The way the year 2020 was going for me and the rest of the world, I didn’t think that I would end up on a high note like this one. It was quite a journey this year. Fortunately my loved ones and IRead More

There’s Nothing in the Water Thanks to HRSD!

Nothing encompasses our capabilities quite like the work that we have amassed for HRSD. From videography, motion graphics/design, and photography to virtual tours, event coverage, live streams, and even outdoor signage, we use a variety of different talents on our team to produce nothing but the best work for our long-term client.     “BeingRead More

Meet The Crew: Jackson Begley

  Jackson Begley is our most recent team member here at Jpixx. Jackson is a film school graduate from Regent University. He is also an extremely talented director, writer, and editor. And we can’t forget how much of a joy he is to have on set with us. Jpixx is honored to introduce him toRead More

Flipping it 90° – We Went Vertical!

Hey all! Savannah here with the latest and greatest Jpixx insight! We’ve flipped videos by 90°! As we shift through time, we see a rapid change in the way media is presented. Photos expected to be squares, there’s a livestream for any event, captions on everything, and, oh… videos are vertical now? To fit theRead More

Walk the Walk with Virtual Tours

Remember when everyone thought the phrase “new normal” wouldn’t stick? That this COVID thing would only last a few weeks or months? Those were the days. Smash cut to the end of 2020, and it seems as though the world has mostly adjusted to a new way of life. We do, in fact, have aRead More

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