BCF & Jpixx get Esoteric

We are back at it with the BCF Agency for the “Meet the Chef” series for Virginia Beach Tourism. You remember right? Jpixx bounced around to different local eateries in Va Beach to interview Chef’s and owners about their establishments, ties to local farms and much more. Catch up here for a refresher.

So this shoot was all about Esoteric located in the new ViBe Creative Arts District in Virginia Beach. We interviewed Chef Brian and co-owner Kristina Chastain (Kristina’s husband and co-owner, Tim got camera shy, but we’ll get him next time) about the restaurant and learned that the space is actually on the Virginia Beach Historical Registry, something the owners are super proud of .

Fun Fact: they share an onsite garden with Commune, the restaurant next door. Like Commune, Esoteric relies heavily on the best local farmers and purveyors for the best food.

Kristina talked about what esoteric means “known to a select few.” When you think about it, the name truly is fitting, because it is kind of tucked away on 17th Street and old Virginia Beach Blvd. at the oceanfront.

The Chef showed us a step by step on how to make one of their succulent dishes …you know the drill (video coming soon) and of course our mouths were drooling all over our camera equipment. Check out these BTS pics below!

Jessa helping Chef Brian get lav’d up!

The Pork Chop

Sweet potatoes, bourbon and bacon braised brussel sprouts can be found at the bottom of the plate like a hidden treasure. The seven springs chop is grilled just right with the bone in sits right on top of the dish garnished with chives, fried pickled onions and a smoked honey gastrique (caramelized sugar and vinegar) drizzle.

Chandler looks like he might have the case of the hangries lol

“Sooo can I eat this yet?”

And more interview gold with the Chef!

Wrapping the interview up with some emo headshots err staring introspectively into space lol He had a great sense of humor and kept us laughing on set.

Another “how to” video on one of Esoteric’s new drinks

Larceny Bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup, blood orange juice and egg white

Shhh whiskey sour in the making.

Kristina Chastain patiently waiting for her close up 🙂

Shooting, asking questions and taking notes is what’s happening here … we can be serious too lol (not for long)

Pretty cool painting on the wall

And here is where the comedy ensues…so it was time to pack up the gear and Jessa and I had a little trouble collapsing the tripod.

Chandler just stood by taking pictures of the struggle lol like, “ahh well they’ll get it.” But for the record, I figured it out! Dominique – 1, Jessa – 0 lol 😉

If you love yourself, you will go devour this pork chop immediately at Esoteric. To learn more about their food, check out their menu here.

And don’t forget to continue to follow the “Meet the Chef” series on the Va Beach tourism youtube channel, where you get an inside look into some of Virginia Beach’s best kept secrets.

 Check out our video below. If you drool, we won’t judge 🙂

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