Ringing in Dickens’ Christmas Towne

Canes, overcoats and top hats aren’t typical daywear for the citizens of Norfolk but, then again, the most recent guest to Nauticus isn’t exactly “typical.” Gerald Charles Dickens is the great-great-grandson of Charles Dickens, literary artist and author of such classics as “A Tale of Two Cities” and “A Christmas Carol.”

Amidst a 50-show tour for his one-man performance, Gerald Dickens stopped by Nauticus to promote the opening of Dickens’ Christmas Towne. The attraction will feature carolers, freshly baked treats, shops filled with holiday wares, and children’s activities, and is set to open on November 21 and run until December 28.

Gerald Dickens Filming Advertisement

Dickens’ Christmas Towne is in its first year of production, so to promote the event Nauticus called in the mavericks. Pam Catindig, partner at Maverick Marketing, was on the scene to ensure that Dickens becomes part of an annual Norfolk tradition.

Jpixx Filming Gerald Dickens

“We were looking for something that would make Nauticus a destination place for Hampton Roads,” Catindig said. Together with Nauticus Director Stephen Kirkland, Maverick helped plan the event that’s expected to draw hundreds of visitors each day.

Though the set is still under construction, builders are working around the clock to transform the Half Moone Cruise and Celebration Center into a Christmas Wonderland. For more information about Dickens’ Christmas Towne, visit the Nauticus website. You can also read more about Gerald Dickens from his own quill keyboard at his personal blog.

Photographer at Christmas Towne

Capturing the Heart of Norfolk

Today was our fourth day of shooting for the Downtown Norfolk Council. Our digital team continued to visit a variety of local shops, restaurants and downtown destinations - to capture the essence of the city from fitness to framing. (In the process, we’ve been able to visit some of our ongoing clients (Nusbaum, Grow, and Nauticus.) One of the locations we visited included a stop at Fitness First on Tazewell. Photographer Jessa even managed to fit in a workout.


One of the great parts of working on this project has been the influx of local volunteers eager to represent their hometown and favorite venues. We’ve enlisted a wide array of models, included Cat (pictured below), who enjoyed a chocolate facial during the shooting process at Smooth.

Photographing Facial

After we got over our massage envy, our photography crew headed across the way to Nest while director Jon Abrahams finally took a minute to rest and grab some lunch. Sometimes the life of the artist means you have to suffer some ground work.


Photographing Nest

If you’re wondering who our new addition is, meet Grace – our graphic intern for the day. Despite the sad face, she said she enjoyed the experience and hopes to return to help again. Best of luck in your endeavors, Grace!

Photographer and Intern

All of our Downtown Norfolk photos will be compiled into an image gallery for use by the DNC’s new website, launching next year. Be sure to keep an eye out for features of your favorite Norfolk businesses. Goooooooo Norfolk!

Back in School at Chesapeake Bay Academy

This week our video production team visited the Chesapeake Bay Academy to begin building their image gallery and to assist with the creation of internal and external marketing materials. The academy is the only K-12 school in Southeastern Virginia licensed to serve students with specific learning disabilities (SLD) and Other Health Impairments (OHI), and hosts a wide array of students and teachers with diverse backgrounds.

Director of Marketing and Communications Elizabeth Waranch has been with the academy for two years. She said her current goal is to build donations for the independent school.

“Over 50 percent of our students get tuition assistance thanks to our donors,” she said. “We’re not a typical private school.”

photographing classroom

Waranch, left, supervises the interview

Waranch touched on the lasting effects a smaller learning environment has had on students. Teaching is tailored to students’ individual needs, which leads to success in and out of the classroom.

“I can’t imagine doing anything else,” she said.

Student Josh Fittler said his school experience has been much more positive since switching to Chesapeake Bay Academy.

“There’s something about this school that draws you toward it and doesn’t push you away,” he said. “They actually listen to you.”

students being photographed

Josh, sitting on the right at the table, explains why he loves CBA

Not only has Fittler seen a change in educational atmosphere, but he has also experienced a dramatic improvement in his academic performance.

“I came here and went from getting a C and D average to getting straight A’s in the span of six months,” he said.

The Jpixx team captured Fittler and several of his peers in classes from Game Design to Spanish.

Of course, we couldn’t skip Physical Education, which many students said was their favorite part of the day. The class, led by teacher Alex Rotruck, included activities from mat races to dance time. Jessa got her own personal driver – for business reasons, of course.

Photographing gym class


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2014 Jpixx Demo Reel – Capture Life Creatively

Check out the 2014 Jpixx Demo Reel, showcasing a mixture of our award-winning narrative and marketing ventures. To schedule a consultation, contact Jon Abrahams directly at jlabrahams@jpixx.com

Halloween Tips

Happy Halloween from Jpixx!

Before you and your kids dig into all the candy you collected from trick or treating this evening, watch this fun video we made for Rubin Communications Group and the Virginia Dental Association for Halloween!

Heed the advice of our dental “experts” and make sure your kids don’t eat too much candy this Halloween.


Long Overdue ECSC Recap

It’s been about two months since the start of ECSC 2014!  Here’s our excuse for not updating sooner!  If you missed ECSC or simply want to reminisce, you can still check out all the spectacular photos over at ECSC360.com.


For the fourth year in a row, ECSC360 coverage was powered by Jpixx.  With the help of many talented photographers, designers, and volunteers, we pulled off another great year of event coverage and an awesome photo-op at the 360 tent. A big THANK YOU to all who made it happen, including those of you who participated in getting your scape shot!

You swam!


You surfed!


And you soared!


Hope you had as much fun as the crew did at the tent!  See you next year!


You may have noticed things have been a little quiet around here lately.  Well, here’s why…

The Kansas City Royals have been doing well, and Jon, being the hardcore fan that he is, dished out some major dough to attend the game on October 5th in KC.  Check out his awesome seats courtesy of his stepsister!  You’ll find him in the bottom row, second from the left.


Image from TagOramic on royals.com

You may have even spotted him on television!


If you haven’t heard yet, the Royals are headed to the World Series!



Jessa was working hard to catch up on her time sheets.  Yep, she was that far behind.


And Kasey took a staycation.  She had a relaxing day at the spa and saw some local attractions with Teviya and the kids.


The Things We Make Our Interns Do

With Fall upon us, the time has come to say goodbye to our summer interns.  But we never formally introduced them!

First, we introduce our video production intern and our Andy Dick lookalike, Chandler Perry, AKA Sweet Pea.  He attends James Madison University….and today he celebrates his 22nd birthday!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea!

Chandler is quirky, funny, and multi-talented.  He’s also pretty good at introducing himself…

Chandler also created this second intern video to introduce Joe, our marketing intern.  Joe is a recent graduate from Virginia Tech with a marketing degree.  He’s responsible, serious, and thorough.

Despite the video, Chandler and Joe really do complement each other!

The Things We Make Our Interns Do

Endlessly hold up reflectors.


Dress up as a mascot.


Use expensive equipment.


Hang out with girls in bikinis.


Put away all the equipment.


We definitely don’t make them fall asleep on the job…


We may also make them cook us some great lasagne, but no one has proof of that!

While we may be saying “Hello, Goodbye” to our first round of summer interns, they’re saying hello to opportunities!  Wishing Joe and Chandler all the best!


Here at Jpixx, we know a good video is an essential marketing tool. That’s why we’ve partnered with Rubin Communications Group to make a series of ‘SMART’ profile videos to promote local companies. Check out the Rubin Communications Group post with a collection for more ‘SMART’ Jpixx samples.

ECSC360 Contest & Event Details

The Coastal Edge East Coast Surfing Championship (ECSC) kicks off next week for its 52nd year.  While this event primarily focuses on surfing competitions, you will also find volleyball, skateboarding, skimboarding, a 5k run, live music, food, drinks, and contests.  Come out for a good time August 17-24th and look for us at the ECSC360 tent!

Coverage of the event begins August 17 but don’t miss a great opportunity to be the face of ECSC360!  If you enjoy being in front of a camera and have an interest in surfing, then check out the Face of ECSC360 emcee contest.  Two lucky winners will get an opportunity to walk the oceanfront interviewing athletes, sponsors and attendees during the week of the event.  Click the photo below for more information on how to enter.


As a digital media sponsor of ECSC, ECSC360‘s hits its fourth year in a row being powered by Jpixx.  Jpixx and its fleet of freelancers, designers, and volunteers strive to create a giant impact in the media for the event.  Taking on ECSC is no small feat but it’s such a blast working at one of the most popular events in the area during the summer!

Event coverage will be displayed across seven screens at the oceanfront, so you won’t miss a thing.  We also have a four-sided LED screen that is reportedly the largest floating LED screen you will ever see.  I’ve been told that it is held up by hot air balloons! You’ll have to see it to believe it (or prove me wrong)!

If you’re interested in volunteering at the Jpixx tent and are available any time between Wednesday-Sunday (August 20-24) please contact film@jpixx.com for more information. We hope to see you there!