You may have noticed things have been a little quiet around here lately.  Well, here’s why…

The Kansas City Royals have been doing well, and Jon, being the hardcore fan that he is, dished out some major dough to attend the game on October 5th in KC.  Check out his awesome seats courtesy of his stepsister!  You’ll find him in the bottom row, second from the left.


Image from TagOramic on

You may have even spotted him on television!


If you haven’t heard yet, the Royals are headed to the World Series!



Jessa was working hard to catch up on her time sheets.  Yep, she was that far behind.


And Kasey took a staycation.  She had a relaxing day at the spa and saw some local attractions with Teviya and the kids.


The Things We Make Our Interns Do

With Fall upon us, the time has come to say goodbye to our summer interns.  But we never formally introduced them!

First, we introduce our video production intern and our Andy Dick lookalike, Chandler Perry, AKA Sweet Pea.  He attends James Madison University….and today he celebrates his 22nd birthday!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea!

Chandler is quirky, funny, and multi-talented.  He’s also pretty good at introducing himself…

Chandler also created this second intern video to introduce Joe, our marketing intern.  Joe is a recent graduate from Virginia Tech with a marketing degree.  He’s responsible, serious, and thorough.

Despite the video, Chandler and Joe really do complement each other!

The Things We Make Our Interns Do

Endlessly hold up reflectors.


Dress up as a mascot.


Use expensive equipment.


Hang out with girls in bikinis.


Put away all the equipment.


We definitely don’t make them fall asleep on the job…


We may also make them cook us some great lasagne, but no one has proof of that!

While we may be saying “Hello, Goodbye” to our first round of summer interns, they’re saying hello to opportunities!  Wishing Joe and Chandler all the best!

ECSC360 Contest & Event Details

The Coastal Edge East Coast Surfing Championship (ECSC) kicks off next week for its 52nd year.  While this event primarily focuses on surfing competitions, you will also find volleyball, skateboarding, skimboarding, a 5k run, live music, food, drinks, and contests.  Come out for a good time August 17-24th and look for us at the ECSC360 tent!

Coverage of the event begins August 17 but don’t miss a great opportunity to be the face of ECSC360!  If you enjoy being in front of a camera and have an interest in surfing, then check out the Face of ECSC360 emcee contest.  Two lucky winners will get an opportunity to walk the oceanfront interviewing athletes, sponsors and attendees during the week of the event.  Click the photo below for more information on how to enter.


As a digital media sponsor of ECSC, ECSC360‘s hits its fourth year in a row being powered by Jpixx.  Jpixx and its fleet of freelancers, designers, and volunteers strive to create a giant impact in the media for the event.  Taking on ECSC is no small feat but it’s such a blast working at one of the most popular events in the area during the summer!

Event coverage will be displayed across seven screens at the oceanfront, so you won’t miss a thing.  We also have a four-sided LED screen that is reportedly the largest floating LED screen you will ever see.  I’ve been told that it is held up by hot air balloons! You’ll have to see it to believe it (or prove me wrong)!

If you’re interested in volunteering at the Jpixx tent and are available any time between Wednesday-Sunday (August 20-24) please contact for more information. We hope to see you there!

Girls On The Run August 17 Premiere!

Who knew it would take a cast of more than 100 people and six days of shooting for a film that is only 12 minutes long!  Whew!

We’re excited about the finished product and hope you’ll join us for the premiere of Girls On The Run, the short film, on August 17, 2014 at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art from 1:30-2:00pm!

It’s a free event, but seating is limited so reserve yours now!


MOCA also offers a free Family Fest following the premiere from 2-4pm!

Get a sneak peek of Girls On the Run here!

A special thanks to Girls On The Run, the entire cast and crew, MOCA, as well as Reed & Associates Marketing.  We couldn’t have done this without you all, and we’re excited to share the experience with you!  See you there!

Behind the Scenes of “Nearsighted” Project Greenlight Shoot

We’re wrapping up with Project Greenlight and hope you’ll consider becoming a judge so you can vote on the best videos (AKA our “Nearsighted”)!
Our full day of shooting began with most of the cast meeting at Jpixx headquarters for the “Nearsighted” Project Greenlight shoot at 9am on August 2nd.  Props and equipment were gathered by our crew, while hair, make-up, and wardrobe transformed our wonderful cast.


We headed over to Central 111 and, in no time, armed with fake mixed drinks, go-go dancers, a drag queen, and extra club-goers, filming began.  The club was bumping by noon!  We partied until the club opened at 4pm.  Check out the amazing and gorgeous cast/crew below!


Our hard-working intern, Chandler, caught some Zzzz’s while we waited for night to fall.


The evening was met with a lot of rain and patience.  After filming the front entrance scene, the entire cast and crew headed through a packed and provocatively dressed crowd, to the back entrance of the club.  (no we didn’t get pictures of that). Somewhere around midnight, we all huddled under umbrellas and our hatchback lids to eat Brothers Pizza, which for some reason was the best tasting pizza we had ever eaten.




We have to give a huge THANK YOU to our umbrella holders and all who persevered through the entire shoot until the final crew shot was taken at 2:15am!  Side note – Jon got to be the FIRST person young Morgan Bruce drove with outside of her family (learning permit). Woohooo!!!

You guys all rock! Thanks for coming together to put together this wonderful film!




“The Tide” Norfolk Music Video Update

A big shout out to all those who PACKED THE PLOT with us on July 18th for our grand finale shoot of “The Tide“!  What a blast!  We had about 100 people show up, including a mermaid!

If you missed it, check out the drone camera shot below for a glimpse of what the video will be like!  There was dancing, singing, and plenty of good times had.  We have to give a shout out to Panavoir for providing their food truck at our event.


The overall support by local businesses and organizations has been tremendous.  Even Mayor Paul Fraim sang along!  The people involved have been wonderful and play a big part in making this project possible.  Did you catch The Tide on the front page of the Virginian-Pilot?  How about on Channel 13?  This is the most publicity we’ve ever received.  It’s exciting!

The video is not yet done but we are excited to see how it comes together.  Skye has been truly amazing to work with.  She brings such positive energy to all our shoots.  Her love for Norfolk shines at each location we visit and we’ve been all over Norfolk.

Joe, our marketing intern, has done a great job handling a lot of the producing and marketing for this music video.  He even volunteered to be the Virginia Wesleyan College mascot, Bob Marlin, at our VWC shoot!


We plan on doing something big for the premiere, which is slated for September, so stayed tuned!

Jpixx filming for Project Greenlight


It’s official, Jpixx is A GO for HBO’s Project Greenlight!

Our current working title for this 3 minute project is “Near Sighted,” a suspenseful story you won’t want to miss about a suspecting father told in first-person. Jpixx is looking for extras for a big dance club scene to be filmed on Saturday, August 2nd from 12-3pm at Central 111 (401 Old Great Neck Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23454)  Bring your dancing shoes!  It’s a club scene so age-appropriate men and women only.

We are diligently working to finalize the script and finish casting.  Mark Zillges and Morgan Bruce have been tapped for the lead roles. Jon Abrahams will direct and DP. Jpixx will be working with a several new actors, models and crew for this project and we’re very excited to get filming in the can so we can make the August 8th submission deadline possible!

What exactly is Project Greenlight?

It’s a digital contest and it’s a documentary series.  First-time filmmakers submit a 3 minute short film.  There are 4 voting rounds to Project Greenlight (you can even be a judge!) and the winning director gets the opportunity to create a feature film and have the whole process documented on an HBO series!  How cool would that be?!

Wish us luck!  Better yet, join us on the dance floor Saturday Aug 2nd!!

Central 111

All filming will take place at Central 111, Virginia Beach, VA

Jpixx Produces Portsmouth Tourism Series

What do restaurants, ferry rides and taverns have in common?  Girls Night Out!

Talk about food, fun and adventure!  We got the ferry all to ourselves for a whole hour during the filming of our latest video production with Maverick Marketing.  It was exciting to explore the city of Portsmouth and experience places we had never visited before.  We enjoyed a personal historic tour of Old Towne and even met the man (and statue) that founded Portsmouth, VA, Colonel Crawford!


Upcoming actor, Daniel Virgin, was the production assistant for this shoot.  La’Cole Roylett was our fantabulous hair/make-up artist.  And a lot of the extras were employees at the various locations.  Check out the RED camera that Jessa and our spunky intern, Chandler, are ogling over.


Keep your eyes open for another Portsmouth video targeting family activities next month!

Norfolk Music Video

Jpixx is teaming up with singer/songwriter Skye Zentz of Norfolk to film a music video for her catchy song, “The Tide”, an anthem to Norfolk, Virginia.  Listen to it here.

The music video will feature iconic sights, businesses, groups, organizations, and the people of Norfolk.  Skye’s song has already been featured on WHRO and has been endorsed by the city.  Skye is a pleasure to be around and we’ve had a blast on the first two days of shooting for the music video so be sure to stick around to see the final project!

The grand finale shoot is happening July 18th and you won’t want to miss that, I promise!  You can stay up to date and find more information about the open shoots around Norfolk by following her Facebook page and at #TheTideNFK.  If you’re interested in being a part of the music video or know of a company, group or organization that should be, it’s not too late to contact Skye and the crew at

Spy Ship – Trust No One!

As you may remember from back in March, Jpixx won a Silver ADDY award for last years’ Spy ShipNauticus brought us back again with Maverick Marketing to create videos for this years’ Spy Ship exhibition, Operation Achilles Heel, starring Ethan Marten and Robert Shepherd.

This year, Spy Ship takes a more dramatic turn.  Set in North Korea during the 1950′s, participants submerge themselves in detective tasks while navigating through the Battleship Wisconsin chasing spies.  Check out the teaser trailer:

Spy Ship: Operation Achilles Heel is open now through September 1, 2014 and you won’t want to miss it!  No really, they have a laser maze!

Images courtesy of Jonathan DeMelkon